This blog is moving!

January 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everyone!

Alright, as I was saying in the previous post, this blog is now moving and is available at

Jenmaarai is not just about Llanfair, it’s a gaming hub, a guild. But you can still find all Llanfair-related content at

I hope you’ll like our website, see you there!

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Llanfair and MacOS

January 22, 2013 2 comments

Hello everyone,

If you are a Mac user you might be interested in knowing that running Llanfair requires a specific setting in MacOS: “System Preferences > Accessibility > Enable access for assistive devices” must be checked to allow the 3rd party library JNativeHook to register the global hotkeys. Thanks goes to SpeedDemosArchive users duxcub, DJS and presjpolk for helping in sorting this out.

In other news I’ve recently joined Twitter. I’m not a big fan of social networks, but I figured it might be easier to follow a twitter account than a blog. You can find me at:

Finally—while this blog has served me well—I’m about to move in a dedicated server that’s part of a much bigger project. I won’t go into much details right now, but it will be a big improvement and it should be open quite soon.

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Llanfair 1.3

January 18, 2013 20 comments



Llanfair has moved here:


Hello everyone,

The day has come, the long-awaited 1.3 version of Llanfair is now available! And as always there’s a bunch of new features, including your number 1 request: the pause function. Unfortunately for this version, the German localization will not be complete, as ZeldaGamer hasn’t answered my mail.

You can download the Windows Executable or the Multiplatform JAR right now or hit the jump to view the full change notes.

In other news, I’ve seen that added a link to Llanfair in their tools section, which has brought quite a few people around here, so welcome everyone and a big thanks to the SRL team. In reaction, I’ve published a static page to explain what Llanfair is, along with a quick guide and a download link. It’s available at the top of the screen and can be accessed through this link:

Finally, our friend Kokarn—who is responsible for the Swedish translation of Llanfair—started a blog on speedrunning that features a SRL Leaderboard. It’s still in beta, but looks really promising. Go take a look!

Read more…

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Zero-Day Java Flaw

January 14, 2013 Leave a comment


You may have heard of a zero-day critical flaw in Java that could be exploited to execute malicious code. As a result of this discovery, the U.S. government itself has issued a note to warn users to disable Java.

While you only have my word, I can assure you that you are safe with Llanfair (and any upcoming application of my own.) The Java flaw stems from a method implemented in Java 7, while Llanfair was developed under Java 6. Still, other softwares and websites are potentially dangerous, even trusted ones.

To fix this flaw, I recommend either downgrading to Java 6, if you are not using anything running on Java 7 (the download link is still available here but will become unsupported by Oracle in February 2013) or apply the latest Java 7 update (u11) here and then disable the Java browser plugin by following this guide. Llanfair will still run properly since it’s not a web-based application.

Also, Java is not JavaScript, so you don’t need to disable JavaScript in your favorite web browser.

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January 13, 2013 Leave a comment


When I first started this blog I wanted to publish two kind of articles: softwares and coding techniques; but I haven’t had much time for the later until now. During the development of Llanfair, I was required to write a few utility classes that I’ll be publishing in the hope that it can be of use to fellow programmers.

Today I’ll start with a very simple class, called TableModelSupport that works pretty much like PropertyChangeSupport if you’re familiar with it. When using an AbstractTableModel or any class that inherits it (such as DefaultTableModel) you may have stumbled upon a problem when serializing that object. The reason for it is that the list of TableModelListeners in AbstractTableModel is not transient and will be serialized along with the table. Moreover, the table model doesn’t prevent you or anyone using your code to register a non serializable listener, preventing serialization and possibly resulting in a loss of data.

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Looking for Testers

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

As I near the completion of 1.3 and enter the final testing phase I was wondering if some of you were interested in beta testing Llanfair to help me track the last-minute bugs as well as giving me privileged feedback. I’m especially looking for people who speedrun often. If you’re interested, send me a mail to moc.liamg@trecnes.reivax so I can send the software to you.

Thank you!

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Llanfair 1.3 is coming

January 8, 2013 6 comments

A quick post to let you know that Llanfair 1.3 is on the way… I know it seems like I keep saying that, but I’ve actually been able to add the much desired pause function and a few other things I had in mind (cf. the Road Map) so I’m now planning on releasing the update this January, probably around the 19th. I could release it sooner—and maybe I will—but I’d like to add some other features before that.

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