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Llanfair 1.2

Llanfair has moved here: http://jenmaarai.com/llanfair

Llanfair 1.2 is coming with a bunch of new features and some important behavioral changes. As such, make sure you read this post thoroughly to understand what’s the expected behavior. I also strongly recommend making a backup of your run file before opening it with the new version.

Window Size

When first opening a run, Llanfair will adopt the smallest size possible to display all the information for the run, using your current settings. Many variables impact the size: visibility of components, timer accuracy, icon size, length of the run etc. When you save your run (using either the “Save” item in the menu or answering “Yes” to a Save Reminder Dialog) the size you set for the window will be saved along with it ; we’ll call that size your preferred size. Now, when you open a run that was saved once using the new version, the window will resize itself to this run’s preferred size.

Changing a setting that impacts the window size or editing your run will make Llanfair temporarily forget the preferred size to shrink / enlarge to suit the new context. But the preferred size will not be overwritten until you save the run meaning that opening it once again will resize it back to your preferred size, even if it’s too small to display every new information that might have appeared due to your new context. Alternatively you can use the menu item “Resize (Preferred)” to go back to your preferred size without loosing unsaved modifications made to your run. Another item is also available: “Resize (Default)” to make Llanfair adopt it’s default size.

Undefined Times

You can now have segments with undefined time values. Whenever you add a segment, the cell for its times will be blank, meaning they are undefined. In Llanfair’s main window, undefined times will be displayed as a series of question marks: “???” An undefined time is NOT a time of 0 seconds, trying to set a time to 0 will result in an error message. Undefining a time requires you to input an empty string, i.e. a blank field. An undefined segment time implies an undefined split time and reciprocally.

When setting an undefined time, the next segment time will receive the previously defined segment time, thus preserving your split times. When defining a time for a previously undefined time, the delta between the next segment and your input value will be substracted, also preserving split times. As such, if you had an undefined segment time, you cannot set a new segment time higher than or equal to the next segment time. However, once a time has been set, you can input any values, the split times will be updated accordingly. Look at the following flow-chart to help you understand.

Skipping and Unsplitting

Two new hotkeys are now available, the first one allows you to skip the current segment. This will result in the segment having an undefined live time. Deltas will not be displayed for the skipped segment and the next segment live information will be computed using the sum of the segment time and the skipped segment. Of course, you cannot skip the last segment.

The second new hotkey allows you to unsplit, i.e. cancel the last split. The behavior of this function is straight-forward enough, the only thing worth noting is that you can unsplit even the last split (i.e. when the race is “Over.”)

Components Visibility

You now have the possibility to toggle on or off the “Goal” text as well as the “Deltas” and “Live Times” columns in the segment history. The history also provides a new feature called “Merge,” allowing you to merge either the “Deltas” and “Time” columns or the “Live Times” and “Time” column (default.) The merged column will overwrite the previous times in the history as the run is developing.

Segment Icons

As of now, when you set an icon to a given segment, it will be scaled up or down to the maximum icon display size (64 pixels high or wide) and eventually downscaled during display to your preferred icon size. Downscaling will use a bicubic method to preserve the icon’s quality, while upscaling will use the nearest neighbor algorithm, resulting in pixellated but clearer pictures. As a result of this change of behavior, you should reset all your segments icons (or re-import you WSplit run.) Do note that segment icons are always saved within your run file. Also, icons can now be displayed at a dimension of 32×32 pixels.

Other Changes

  • The language drop-down list now displays a flag icon and the full localized name of the language.
  • Dutch and German translations are now available, thanks to MickeyG and ZeldaGamer98 respectively.
  • New icons are now displayed in the “Edit Run” dialog to decorate the buttons.
  • Tooltips were added to explain a few features, as of now you have a tooltip in the “Edit Run” dialog, on the four buttons and on the column header for “Time (Split),” “Time (Segment)” and “Best Segment.”
  • Two new buttons in the “Edit Run” dialog allowing you to move a segment up or down within the run.
  • A new item appeared in the menu allowing you to disable or enable hotkeys.
  • The current segment’s name will now be displayed using the “Time” color in the history, to underline it.
  • When saving your run using the “Save” menu item will have the following result:  the run will only be saved if it’s better than the previous one. Best segment times will be saved only if they are better.
  • The “Settings” dialog has been completely revamped. It was a bit of a mess…

Here’s the download link : Llanfair 1.2 Note: If you have a problem launching Llanfair, try deleting your old config.cfg file.

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  1. wolfluke
    December 15, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Hi! I was just testing this timer and it works great! I love it! But two things that would be nice to see changed is: the ability to change timer font and make it so it only splits if you’re clicked on the timer. It’s hard to chat if your split button is set to spacebar heh.

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